Maleficent movie review (WITH SPOILERS)

maleficent poster

Just a heads up, this post has spoilers of the movie in it.

So if you don’t want spoilers, then please read this after you see the movie.


Maleficent is a movie filled with beauty and fantasy that takes you to another world. But one thing to keep in mind while watching the movie is that it is not a retelling of the animated movie but the story with a twist on it with some of the story from the animated Disney version of it. The story overall was great but had a few things I thought could have been done better.

One thing that I thought was not so great was some of the Moor creatures look like they were star wars creatures with a little of a Jim Henson Muppet mixed in, so they looked kind of cheesy but cute. The thing I liked with this film was the fact they had iron hurt the fairies, because all magical creatures are supposed to be affected by iron. That little detail just made the movie all the better.

Something I really thought was odd is that they said that all the spinning wheels of the kingdom were collected and burned, but later in the movie when Aurora walked into where they burned them, they were still mostly intact. So if they were trying to burn them, they didn’t do a very good job at burning them. I had no problem with the one spinning wheel coming together and appearing in front of Aurora for here to prick here finger, but the fact that the spinning wheels were supposed to be burned but were not ash really annoyed me. That scene really could have been done better.

The biggest thing that annoyed me was the fact that Maleficent was the one that woke Aurora from her slumber by kissing her on the forehead. This wasn’t too bad and isn’t a big problem and I understood what they were trying to say with it but it was just cheesy to me. I thought since Prince Philip’s kiss didn’t work that Maleficent’s bird, Diaval’s kiss would have worked instead since he did the most care for Aurora anyway as she was growing up and that he wanted to help her still. That would have been better story wise and not very cheesy as Maleficent’s kiss, but it could have had the possibility to be cheesy also.

As for the back-story for Maleficent, I thought that they did a great job with it, especially with the twist that she was in love with Aurora’s father, Stephen. But Stephen was too obsessed with wanting to be king to stay with Maleficent, so he left her to pursue that, little did he know he was going to be sent to kill her later in order to become king. That was another interesting twist to the story because it added to why Maleficent would curse Aurora. The reason she cursed Aurora was not because Aurora did something but because Stephen had left her to become king.

Overall, Maleficent is a great family friendly movie and is a really good twist of the sleeping beauty story. But as I said before, while watching the movie keep in mind that it is not a remake of the animated movie but a new twist on it.


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