Big Hero 6 Movie Review

bighero6-reviewBig Hero 6 is the first animated movie from Walt Disney Animation Studios and Marvel Studios, and I hope it won’t be their last. The movie was perfect with just the right amount of conflict and character development that is needed to create a great story. It even has a cameo appearance by Stan Lee. There is even the right amount of laughs mixed in to the story. In my mind this movie was better than the last Disney animated movie, Frozen, mostly because there was a villain for most of the movie (Yes Frozen had a few villains but there wasn’t enough conflict between the hero and villain).

The villain in Big Hero 6 played a big part in the movie and helped bring the story along. It is so cool to see the character development of Hiro and his friends as they became a group of crime fighting superheroes. I really liked the main character Hiro and his robot companion Baymax’s relationship and how it develops, especially about half way through the movie. It is cool to see Hiro create a computer chip for Baymax that has the moves he needs to have for fighting and even to do a fist bump.

Overall, Big Hero 6 is an amazing family-friendly movie with lots of laughs, character development, and lovable characters. I know that you will fall in love with Baymax and wish you had one of your own because I want one for myself after seeing this movie. Make sure to stay through the credits to see the scene after.


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