Into The Woods Movie Review


Into the Woods is really interesting movie that connects 4 fairytales that makes an interesting turn towards the end. The songs in the movie use clever wording that really make this such an amazing movie. The actors and actresses that they chose to play these characters were perfect. They are great actors, some of them I didn’t even know they could sing so well. One in particular was Johnny Depp, even though he sings only one song he did a really great job. I was also surprised with Meryl Streep and both her acting and singing. Her songs were really some of the best in the movie. I thought that it was cool how they used the real grimm fairytale stories and applied it to the movie.

I fully enjoyed this movie in how everything was connected and went together so well. The movie dragged on about three quarters of the way through but picked up after that and finished off better than I expected. Overall, Into the Woods is a great family musical that will entertain you. It may be a little scary to some young children though.


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