Cinderella – Movie Review


Disney’s Cinderella is a great retelling of the animated movie. The story is pretty much the same as the animated movie, but with a few differences. The first difference is at the beginning of the movie, it starts out showing how Ella’s parents loved her and what they taught her. Ella’s mom in particular taught her to believe that there is magic in the world, she also taught her to “always have courage and show kindness” to others.

The next difference is the names of Cinderella and the Prince. Cinderella is named Ella and the Prince is named Kit. It’s interesting to hear how Ella got the nickname “Cinderella”, which was because she fell asleep by the fireplace and woke up with cinders all over her, so her step-sisters, Drisella and Anastasia, then come up with the nickname and call her that for the rest of the movie. That is kind of interesting isn’t it?

Another difference from the animated movie is when her father dies and leaves everything to Lady Tremaine, Ella haves difficulty with doing what her mom taught her to do, which is to “always have courage and show kindness” to others. I really love how this was tied into the story more than it just being said and not being pointed to again.

The last difference is that when Ella leaves the house with Kit, she forgives her stepmother, Lady Tremaine. It’s nice to see that because it shows how Ella was taught growing up and shows her character development too.

I really like the moral they put with this movie of to “always have courage and show kindness to others”, and to forgive others if they do wrong to you. Those two things really show a lot of character in Ella and her parents.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie with its morals and characters. If you are looking for a good family movie, Cinderella is a great movie for you.


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