Tokyo Disney Resort Updates

Disney and Oriental Land Company have announced an expansion in Tokyo DisneySea. They have also announced a redevelopment of Tokyo Disneyland Park’s Fantasyland.

Tokyo DisneySea is getting an eighth port which will be a Scandinavian one with a portion of the area themed to the film “Frozen”. Here is the concept art for it: Tokyo-DisneySea-Image_TDR_Scandinavia-Port-Birdseye_2015_04_28_UPDATED-613x328It looks similar to Epcot’s Norway pavilion in the fact of the building in the bottom middle of the concept art. It will most likely have other similarities to the Norway pavilion. Other than that, it will also have the castle from Frozen that will be awesome to see in person. There is no news on an attraction in this area yet. The expansion will be built south of Lost River Delta area of the park.

tokyo-alice-in-wonderlandTokyo Disneyland’s Fantasyland is also going to be under redevelopment with two new areas, an Alice In Wonderland area and a Beauty And The Beast area. The concept art look beautiful and looks like it will be cool to see in person. The Beauty And The Beast area looks to be similar to the section at Walt Disney World’s new fantasyland, but looks to be bigger.

This expansion will double the size of fantasyland. That sounds very similar to new fantasyland at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

All of this looks like it will be beautiful when it is complete. What is your favorite of these new experiences coming to Tokyo Disneyland Resort?


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