Tomorrowland – Movie Review

tomorrowland3Walt Disney Pictures new movie Tomorrowland is a great family friendly adventure filled with optimism towards our future. With just showing us what our future could be it makes you want to fix the problems our planet has to better our world. If we solve the problems then we can focus on making better newer things.

tomorrowland-pinThe movie starts out with a 10 year old boy named Frank Walker who has a bag with a jetpack in pieces that he enters into a contest at the 1964 World’s Fair. The judge, named Nix, asks him if it works, and Frank replies not fully but I could. Nix says that he will have to pass on letting him into the competition. As Frank is leaving a young girl by the name Athena gives him a pin and says follow me but don’t let anyone with me see you. So Frank follows her and Athena goes onto the It’s A Small World ride. Frank sneaks onto the boat directly behind the boat Athena and Nix is on. As he is riding past a lighthouse, the light on it turns into a lazer and scans the pin he is wearing. The boat stops and drops down into a secret passage way that leads to a transporter. He goes in and is transported into another dimension and sees a futuristic city, complete with Flying monorails, flying cars, and robots. This city is called Tomorrowland. A robot then takes the broken jetpack and puts it together. Frank then tries it out and it works! This part of the movie just shows how wonderful our world could be if we pursue our dreams to completion and use them to make our world better.

The movie moves on by following a girl named Casey Newton, an optimist and science enthusiast, who believes our world could be so much better and could be a utopia. She meets up with Frank Walker to learn more about Tomorrowland, after getting a pin that makes her hallucinate seeing Tomorrowland if she touched it. She goes to Tomorrowland with Frank and Athena, and they notice that Tomorrowland is falling apart. They meet Nix, he takes them to the huge tower in the center of the city. At the top of the tower, they enter a huge monitor that shows the past, present, and future of any place on earth. Using the monitor, Casey finds out that that the world would end 59 days from now.

The rest of the movie is them figuring out how to fix it, to stop it from happening. Wouldn’t finding out that the world was going to end make you want to fix the problem? Most people probably would want to but would get distracted by that at the same time. But optimists can see past it and can figure out a way fix the problem.

Overall, Tomorrowland is a great family friendly adventure that will inspire you to focus on the good in this world instead of the bad. It was cool to see some Disney history in this movie at the beginning. They did an excellent job with recreating the 1964 World’s Fair. So if you want to see an uplifting movie, I suggest going to see Tomorrowland. You will not regret seeing this movie. You might become an optimist towards the future.

After seeing this movie, it made me remember the dreams I have that I think would make this world a much better place. It made me want to see them through to completion. And I know that they are possible to create. This movie reminded me of a quote from Walt Disney that I have always loved. The quote is:

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” ~ Walt Disney



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