Inside Out Movie Review

Inside-Out-LogoInside Out is truly as they say a major emotion picture. It makes you happy, laugh, and cry. It is very emotional and shows you what the mind does on a day to day basis. They did an excellent job capturing the mind and your emotions. With Riley you see her reactions to things that happen as she grows up. They also did a great job showing depression in the mind.

I thought this movie was excellent! It really made me think about how people’s minds work and how odd our minds are. We can do so much with our mind and sometimes we lose our train of thought and can get distracted easily. This movie gives you a lot to think about and is well put together. Pete Doctor knows how to make an excellent movie. The last two movies he made are Monsters Inc. and Up and those were excellent movies also.

Inside Out is an amazing family movie and I recommend everyone to go see it. It will get you thinking about your mind and how it works. This well keep the entire family entertained the whole time.


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