Toy Story Land Coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios!!

ToyStoryLand-concept-artAt the D23 Expo, Disney Parks announced Toy Story Land for Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Toy Story Land will feature 2 new attractions and another track added to Toy Story Mania. The land is set in Andy’s backyard as if he set everything up to play with.

The 2 new attractions are a family-friendly roller coaster and an Alien saucers attraction.


The family-friendly roller coaster is themed to Slinky Dog and you ride on his back. The Alien saucers attraction is themed to the green aliens and you will go for a spin in their flying saucers.

Toy Story Mania will be expanded with another track. I am thinking this means there will be a new entrance to the ride but nothing has been announced yet.

There has been no announcement on where this land will be in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but from the concept art it looks like it will be in the area behind Toy Story Mania where the Backlot Tour was.

What is your favorite part of this announcement?


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